Connecting Alberta Startups in Silicon Valley

This was our first event exclusively to Alberta Startups and was a SUCCESS.

We hosted 19 Alberta startups that joined us on November 19th in the Valley to design and improve the approach of their business towards Silicon Valley. We offered a half day session with speakers that gave great insights and tips on raising capital, finding customers, scaling their business as well as navigating Silicon Valley’s tech ecosystem.

On our first day of event, we had many experienced people as our speakers. They went through many topics, between them were: Fundingraising in the Valley, 2 founders story of success and tips of how to navigate in Silicon Valley and its ecosystem. Check our great speaker bellow:


On our second day we focused on individual or small groups “Feedback Sessions” with experienced mentors and a few of our speakers. With that, we were able to evaluate the “Level of Readiness” of the companies to come to the Valley.

We hope we can see you in our next event! Check the pictures of the awesome time we had and a great testimonial of our speaker Randy Marsden.

“For years I operated tech companies in Alberta, always struggling with the lack of growth capital and scraping to find money anywhere we could get it.  I often wondered how successful we might be in Silicon Valley by contrast, but kept our funding efforts local in Alberta.   

Then, took the leap with a spin-out idea, came down to the Valley, and in less than a year raised seed capital, placed second at TechCrunch Disrupt, and were acquired by Apple.   In retrospect, things were tough in Alberta not because our company and ideas were bad, but rather, it was just an adverse environment in which to raise informed capital for technology.   But it was a great place to live and run a company.   The combination of Alberta and Silicon Valley was a winning recipe for me.”

- Marsden, Randy (Apple)