Joanne Fedeyko

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Joanne Fedeyko is the CEO of Connection Silicon Valley (CSV), an organization that helps companies collaborate, connect, innovate, and partner with Silicon Valley’s world-renowned technology ecosystem. Their business is centered around bringing better innovation to Canada by helping startups and large corporates leverage the best of innovation from Silicon Valley. They act as an Innovation Advisor to large enterprises and organize curated trips to introduce business leaders to the mindset and the culture of innovation in Silicon Valley, along with meetings with technology founders, investors and change makers.

CSV has recently launched the Canadian Women’s Network. Designed for Canadian female founders, women in tech and female business leaders — the Canadian Women’s Network helps women grow their business, drive economic value back to Canada, and strengthen their own personal and company profile.

Joanne Fedeyko is  the Managing Director of theBoardlist Canada, a global marketplace to get more women on pubic and private boards.