Lida Tohidi

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A bit about Lida's professional life: initiatives and teams that she led have done amazing things, ranging from: launching a national incubator to winning (inter)national competitions, such as the Google Startup Battle award out of 1000+ teams. 

She has spent 11 years in marketing roles in the federal governments of Canada and Japan, at a Fortune 500 company, and for the last 5+ years, exclusively with startups. She worked at a fund and has been a successful startup founder, so she has been on both sides of the investment table.

Lida has initiated, led, and completed projects in Australia, Bénin, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Switzerland, the UAE, UK, and USA. In short, she has lived and worked on all continents (though still awaiting an invitation from Antarctica :D), and speaks 3 languages well (and another 3 poorly). She is very passionate about mindfulness, as well as diversity and inclusion in tech and beyond, and she honored this by speaking. In the last year alone, Lida spoke at conferences and events at Diversability, ExpatWoman, Google, Latinos in Tech, Make School, Outco, Tencent, ThoughtWorks, Tradecraft, Twitch, WellsFargo, Women in STEM, and WEST (Women Entering and Staying in Tech).