Events offered by Connection Silicon Valley like the Tech Talk Series and Office Hours are critically important for Canadian founders. I wish I had these types of opportunities and access to the Silicon Valley network when I moved here.

  • Rahim Fazal, Founder SVAcademy and 4x SaaS Founder


Vacation Fund spent a few days in the Valley this summer when we were a finalist in Travel Tech Con’s startup pitch competition. We leveraged the Landing Pad between meetings, and took the opportunity to meet people in the Canadian tech community. It was a little piece of home in the Valley. We’ve since been accepted into Techstars Chicago, and I know that going forward, having access into Silicon Valley is going to be critical to our growth. I’m grateful for resources like the Landing Pad and Connection Silicon Valley for what they are doing to help Canadian startups. 

  • Erica Pearson, Co-Founder & CEO, Vacation Fund


What CSV is doing with the Canadian Landing Pad is amazing. They are providing opportunities for people like me to give back and help startups gain traction faster. It’s creating a network effect that will only drive value back to Canada.

  • Mona Sabet, Managing Director, Tribal Ventures


I learned about the Canadian Landing Pad as I was headed to SF for a conference and took the opportunity to visit it and the team at CSV. Silicon Valley is a exciting place for 4iiii Innovations and the new products we’re building, and I look forward to leverage the space, events and network that it has to offer on future trips. Joanne and her team were friendly, knowledgeable, and generous with their time and connections.

  • Benjamin Hilborn, Business Development Engineer, 4iiii Innovations